A brand identity is all about perception

What is a successful brand

Let’s start by clearing up any misconceptions about the difference between a logo and a brand. Whilst a logo is certainly part of a brand, the brand itself is much more than just the logo. Broadly said, a brand is the perception from the audience’s perspective. The logo, the message, the product, and company actions combined with all the supporting visuals, or anything else you communicate to your market - is all part of your brand. But what is it exactly that makes a 'great' brand?

Here’s some characteristics of a good brand that you can tick off.

  • Is the message clear and easy to understand? You want to keep it simple so you can get the right point across.
  • Are your visuals aesthetically pleasing and at least supporting your message? Consider if your designs and visuals need an update, they should factor in your message and fully support the overall ‘thing’ that you’re trying to convey over to your customers. Let’s say one of things you define your company or product as is approachable, or luxury at the other end, do your visuals look approachable, or high end?
  • Does it stand the test of time? How long are you planning to use this for? There are exceptions if you’re capitalizing on a specific trend, but generally a timeless identity is a great identity to have.
  • Is it easily reproduced across a variety of different media? A great brand can be a flexible one, ideally you can easily get your message across through static visuals, videos or even audio whilst appearing the same.
  • Does it connect to your market audience? Have you identified your market, and then made sure that your brand is something that market can identify, and connect with?
  • Is it consistent? Like a restaurant, when consumers come back they probably will expect to receive the same level of quality as they did when they visited before. Make sure your message is consistent, and customers know what to expect.

So, how do I create a successful brand?

A successful brand identity will require market research, strategic thinking, analysis, and creative designs, but not just that. A successful brand takes time, you need an audience and you need to be active with that audience in order to create that brand. Remember, we are creating a perception that we want the consumers to have about us. We can’t successfully portray that perception without the consumers. A well crafted strategy for your brand creates the right experience for the end user, and each connecting point within that users’ experience should reinforce that same message.

Here are some items that will help you get there, or would be handy to have.

  • Brand Guidelines - You can see this as a book of rules, including things such as your mission statement, how to correctly use your logo, typography, marketing messages, and even uniforms or vehicle decals.
  • Business Plan - This will help you understand your product offering and how you will get there, with that you can create a better message for it.
  • Market Research - Identify your customer, how else are you going to know how to best connect with them?
  • Marketing Strategy - Once you have identified your customer, think about how you are reaching them, is your online identity and website representing you well? How are you driving people there?
  • Organised Assets - All your files and supporting materials clearly labeled, filed away and ready to use, or to distribute for use.

Whether it works and is actually successful is something you will see over time, make sure to ask customers the right questions so you can get actual data and feedback that you can work with. What do they believe your company or product stands for? What do you offer them from their perspective? Then you can decide what needs fine tuning.

How can we help?

We can help you understand the narrative you need to get across, and produce the right visuals and message that your customers expect to see. At Minty all hands are on deck, we need to get you and your offering, then we can make that into something that’s consistent and makes sense.

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