How to invest in your digital presence

December 7, 2020
How to invest in your digital presence

A good digital presence can make or break the perception of your business, this is a crucial aspect of branding that deserves some time and focus. Customers are increasingly researching and shopping online with a consistent year-on-year growth.

How much are your competitors investing in their digital presence? We’re going to help you to stay one step ahead and we’ll go over a few things to help you understand how you can increase your digital presence, or what you can do to improve how people perceive your brand.


Your website

Let’s start with the big one – the core of your digital presence. The right website can make your business appear bigger than it is. If your website looks the part, is easy to navigate, and functions as your visitors expect, you will increase their trust. Overall, user experience is very important here.

Avoid common website mistakes, and get your website professionally designed and developed. Anyone can purchase a DIY WordPress theme and insert content, but have a look at the major players in your industry and see if you can spot the differences. A website designed with intent and a clear purpose can really make a difference. Your website isn’t just an online business card listing your services, it’s a tool that can increase your revenue and give you a measurable result. A couple of questions that can make you think about how to better your website focused on the result:

  1. Does your website actively seek to convert visitors into customers?
  2. How can you increase the conversion rate?

In order to answer these questions and increase visitor conversions, you will have to deep dive into your analytics and your users’ behaviours. If you don’t have this setup, it’s easy to get started. A free account with Google Analytics, and a quick integration into your site means you can receive valuable and relevant data on your website visitors at a glance.

If you have a lot of active user interaction on your site (think Sign Up Forms, Quotation Tools, Product Checkouts), it might be worth to setup something Google Analytic calls ‘Events’, so we can start to figure out what may be the weakest point in your user interaction, where users may fall off, and how those can be improved.


Blog articles

If you have a website, it’s likely you’re already writing some blog posts. If not, it’s something that we would highly recommend you start doing. It’s actively encouraged from an SEO viewpoint. Begin with industry relevant keyword research (Google Trends is a great way to start), and just start answering some questions which people who are looking into your industry are seeking answers for.

A good presence means you have to be as active as you can, the more people see from your business, the better your presence will be. Articles is a great way to stay active and build traffic to your website.


Social media

There are many different social media sites each with a slightly different hook. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or even Snapchat. Depending on your business they can all be of help to you. These sites already have great SEO, so creating a profile is a good way of appearing high up in the search engines, and of course an even better way to stay in touch with customers who are already familiar with you.

You don’t need to setup a profile on every platform available, pick a couple that you can use to reach your market and actively engage with your market audience in a natural and organic manner, and kick-start a basic strategy to get some further liveliness in your digital presence.

Don’t just use it to blandly promote and sell your services, use it as a way to communicate your brand values, updates on what is new in your business and what is happening in the industry. Keep your customers involved and informed.



Email marketing can be very effective. Building an effective email list can be difficult, but is extremely worthwhile. Used well, it is a database of genuinely interested people or clients who have already purchased with you.

There are several applications that can help you with this. Mailchimp, Sendgrid or Mailjet are a few of the most popular ones. These applications should be connected to your website forms, and not only used as a database for all your signups, but also to directly send newsletters to that email list. This is another great way to keep communication up, to inform, promote, or introduce new services to your existing customers or other potential customers. Keeping your users up to date and advising them on best practices or other useful information builds trust and encourages them to be loyal to your company.


Digital Advertising

Another effective way to introduce people to your business and increasing your presence is through digital advertising. You can put your ad at the top of Google via Google Adwords, or in people’s social feeds via Facebook or Twitter. Most platforms will have a way for you to advertise to their users, usually in the form of sponsored content or clickable banners. Apart from these popular websites, have a look around to make sure you’re not missing any lesser known platforms that users closely related to your business use such as local forums.

Using these tools correctly is key to your digital presence; Adwords or Facebook advertising have tools with extreme depth to reach the right kind of users that could be interested in your services or products. Well written content or graphics to entice them to learn more about you is critical for an optimal campaign.

From there, you have to have the ideal route for the user to become a converting customer from the moment they click your on ad. Optimising your conversation rate here is crucial. Setting up a dedicated landing page with a clear call to action, specific to the type of user enticed by the ad can help get the most out of your advertising efforts.



Online workshops, conferences or digital meetings with key customers can increase credibility and assurance at a significant level. Webinars involve some kind of live video interaction, but podcasts or video content for them to view or listen to about specific interesting topics that you would normally write articles about is a good way to connect with users too.

Personally involving and interacting yourself with customers is a really good way to raise trust in your brand and helps convert or get closer to your audience. Face-to-face is still king when it comes to selling directly and anything that gets as close to this as possible is worth exploring.



Copywriting is time consuming and isn’t something that should be thrown together in a few hours just to describe your services or to fill up areas. Money spent on copywriting is an investment and not just a cost. Great content will help you convey your message more effectively to your users, and therefore have a higher rate of conversion.

For example, a lot of customers decide they will write their own content for their new website. But well written copy should compliment the design and should be keyword rich which will help you be found better in search engines.


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